Bond with the Awesome Community

4 hours before the commencement of First Coding Phase of GSoC’19, which means we’ve made through the Community Bonding Period. Here is what happened in the past 20 days.

I was mostly busy with my semester exams, still I managed to take time out for researching on my project (just realized you may not even know what my project is, expect a follow-up blog with the details).

I had discussions with both my mentors (Kilari Teja and Vamshi Krishna), about various options that we could use to build the plugin and finalized upon the basic architecture of the plugin. The discussion basically revolved around finding the most optimized way to run the plugin and making it as user-friendly as possible.

I had to scout more than 10+ already created plugins, IntelliJ Plugin Development Docs, the IntelliJ Plugin Developers Lobby on Gitter, to come up with an architecture that could possibly work. Shoutout to the very helpful IntelliJ community.

I also managed to set-up my development environment (phew), installed the latest version of IntelliJ SDK, JDK, gradle and other stuff that I may require. (Spending a day, maybe even more, to set-up your development environment according to your needs would save you a lot of time while actual coding, so always considering doing it)

That’s pretty much it. I would’ve liked to spend more time doing work related to GSoC in these past 20 days but I’m happy with what I’ve managed. I now have more in-depth knowledge about the workings of an IntelliJ plugin, than before the Community Bonding Period began (all thanks to my mentors). Hoping to build upon it and deliver a great featureful and bug-free plugin.

Let the coding begin!