About me

Hi I’m Amol Grover aka frextrite. I’m currently in my sophomore year, pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering. I love exploring new (and old) technologies in the world of computers, from the basic hardware systems to complex modern softwares. In my free time I study about our cosmos, trying to satiate my thirst of finding answers to our never-ending questions about space.

I’ve previously worked in Backend Web Development (Python & NodeJS), Mobile App Development (Android & Flutter), minor Desktop App Development (Java, C, C++), and have the required knowledge for Machine and Deep Learning, and the foundation of Computer Science, Data Structures and Algorithms. I ❤️ Linux and OSS.

Currently involved in exploring Assembly language. Don’t you just love the fact when you are frustrated and confused and have to write a 50 line code (which you could’ve done with just 7 lines in C) and that too without affecting your mental health at all? Well I do.